Day 2 - Judge

Saturday, 13th October - Judge

09.00 a.m.: Plenary - Reflection

09.15 a.m.: Synthesis of Part II

Betty Villa

09.30 a.m.: Plenary:

“Role and Contribution of Cardijn and IYCW at Vatican II”: Ms Betty Villa, Vice-president IYCW 1961-65.

Stefan Gigacz - Cardijn's Contribution to Vatican II

“Cardijn's speeches and documents on the lay apostolate”: Stefan Gigacz

10.45 a.m.: Coffee

11.15 a.m.: Plenary:

“Cardijn’s conception of the priestly ministry – in and outside Vatican II” 

Fr S. Servatius (India), CCI International Resource Team

Fr Marlon Lacal O. Carm. presenting

“Using Cardijn's See Judge Act process in the formation of seminarians”


– Father Marlon Lacal, O. Carm., Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines, Inter-Congregation Theological Center 

- Interaction

12.30 p.m.: Lunch

02.00 p.m.: Plenary

“Understanding of the reality, its causes and consequences (take on from SEE) and to give orientation towards perspectives”

10 minutes for each presentation + 5 minutes for interaction

Development: Paul Sinnappan, Malaysia 

Workers: S. Samydorai, Singapore (pictured)

Young people: Fr Norman Soriano M.J., IYCW Asia Pacific:

Philippines YCW action


03.30 p.m.: Coffee

4.00p.m.: Plenary

Building Models/Alternatives since Vatican II from a Cardijn Perspective

Testimonies/Presentations on Experiences:

Charles Santiago: Politics, Malaysia; Paul Sinnappan: Micro Credit and Cooperatives, Malaysia.

Bishop Broderick Pabillo celebrates Mass

04.30 p.m.: Worker Mass with Bishop Broderick S. Pabillo, Auxiliary Bishop Manila, Chair, Caritas Philippines, Chair, Asian Social Institute 

6.00p.m.: Dinner, solidarity evening and cultural show with CCI Philippines and Cardijn alumni from Philippines